lAyERed, cOMisSiOneD, DoNatED, eTc...
InDiE pOp ArT


aN oVErViEw

piEcE INfO 1

piEcE INfO 2

piEcE INfO 3

lAyEReD eTc



lAyEReD, cOMisSiOneD, DoNatED, eTc...
These are pieces that have either been comissioned by someone, are layered works, or were donated to something. Most likely pbs art auctions.
Clever page title, ehh?

Here Are The Young Men
I donated this piece to the PBS Art Auction in 2002. It was on tv and sold for something. PBS rocks!
Hey There, Fly Boy
I don't have a pic of the finished piece. BUt this was the first layered one I did. The color and shades were on the bottom, and the black parts were painted on a clear plastic over-lay raised 1/2 inch of the canvas. The light created shadows on it.
Just a perfect Day
Layered in the same way described above, the differnce being that the back ground was painted on the canvas, and all the figures of people walking was done on the plastic overlay. The bottom of the canvas was painted with a clear substance, to give it a wet look, and I used fiber-optics in the trees to give it the effect of christmas lights in the trees.
This one is styled after 1940's - 1970's cheesy movie posters. The scenes are painted on the bottom layer, with the words and outline on the top plastic layer. On the top layer, parabola is transparent. I'm going to instal lights into the bottom, so the word parabola grows.
Hey, bet 'ya bucks you don't know why I named this parabola!
James Dean
I was comissioned to do this piece for someone for a christmas present. Unfortunitly, I didn't get a picture of it... but I'll try to get one.

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