sOMe NifTY LinKS
InDiE pOp ArT


aN oVErViEw

piEcE INfO 1

piEcE INfO 2

piEcE INfO 3

lAyEReD eTc




Are you a bored net-surfer? Well, surf on my geeky friend!
So here are some links. Some of them art-related, some of them are just rad sites that I go to alot. My online journal is on here. Yep. So have fun!

Art resources

German online art magizine and artist resource
dArt: An on-line gallery with that lets you create a portfolio, display your art, look up other artists, and more

Random Links
My on-line journal Yeah, I have an on-line Journal. Read it if you want insite into my everyday life.
Mail me: Yep. Mail me here. And if you have some neat links, mail them to me and I'll put them up.
Things for sale by mental patient "I am mental. I am a patient. I like to sell things!"
Indiepopart guestbook... sign it for the love of gawd! This is my guest book. Sign it, it's really not that hard. Just click the link and go to the bottom of the page, click the sign button and sign. You can do it! I believe in you!
Lipgloss A neat little club in Denver, specialising in britt pop/glam/indie rock/punk music, and displaing local artists on their walls.
Kid Shelleen Denver area punk band, they rock somethin' hard core. Join the TCB crew, get free stuff, post up a profile, etc.
Core New Art Space A nice little gallery in Down Town Denver. They only do open call shows.