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What the heck is indie pop art?
It's the official web site of artist Aubrie Allen. Neat, ehh?

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June-July-August 2004

I'm Soooooo Lame!

I'm fully aware of the fact I haven't updated this thing in MONTHS and haven't added any new pieces in DECADES... so my vow to you: I will add something!!!

So Keep checking, I'll have updates about pices, shows, and all that jazz.

SIGN THE FREAKIN GUESTBOOK!!! Just do it, I know you want to!

Changes to the Site!
So I kinda re-organised the site a bit. I'm not done, and my webpage making skills are not good, but bare with me.

If you want to see all my pieces, old, new, almost finished, etc... click the Overview page. That has thumbnails and you will eventualy be able to click on them and enlarge the picture. Wow, incredable, ehh?
If you want more info on the pieces, then click Piece Info 1,2 and 3. The newest stuff is in 1, the oldest stuff is in 3.

Shows is a page with shows on it, current, past, and upcoming. And it has artist info, just incase you're wondering.

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